As God’s people we should be heartbroken over sin, especially when it negatively impacts the helpless. As such, we should rush to comfort such people.

For Your Moment of Clarity: Consider the obligation of “going to a house of mourning”. I’ve realized the number of times that I just drop in at the funeral home, sign my name, stand a moment over the casket and then out the door to resume my running, doing and playing of a self-indulgent life. This is not a picture of someone who takes the appropriate time to comfort those who mourn. Can you identify with this? Will you modify your behavior like I plan to???

For Organizing Your Prayer Closet: When you pray for others today, will you consider ways to partner with God in practical ways to comfort those who mourn? Expand your list to include anyone who is “mourning” life’s sad situations in addition to death.

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