Often when we pray, we are prone to pitch up our prayer requests without giving much thought, but is there a more effective way? I believe so. I believe we should take the time to craft our requests so that they are representative of God’s will. A HIGHER quality prayer request is just that, HIGHER in terms of being more in line with God’s will about eternal things. Watch my video to hear more.

Let me go back and further make a point about the example I am using for how to pray for someone who has lost their job. Instead of praying that they automatically get another job, pray, instead, that they have provision. We all need to pay our bills and raise our kids, but that does not always mean that a job is the answer to that. Most of the time it is, but not always. Sometimes God may call us into a different direction – ministry, caretaking or a whole new career. Since we do not know God’s will on the matter, it is best to pray for provision. Praying for provision is relying on God’s nature; He is Jehovah-Jireh, God, our Provider.

It is when we begin to pray in a way that best suits the need without claiming a specific direction is when we have possibly crafted the HIGHER quality prayer request. It is one that states our trust in God to meet our need in a way that He sees fit.

So, let’s recap. Think of or look at (if you have written them down) all your prayer requests:
1. If they have no eternal value, like the snow my daughter prayed for, then discard those
2. If they are things that you desire, like a vacation/money to redecorate your home, and the like, trust God for them by delighting in the Lord and let Him give you the desires of your heart, as He sees fit.
3. The rest of your requests on your list should be those things that are truly needful: pray for the sick, poor, needy, grieving, or our nation, schools, churches and communities, and personal things like direction, our spiritual growth and maturity, and most of all, for the lost.

For Your Moment of Clarity: Adopt the mindset to cull out those things that are not appropriate for prayer.

To Organize Your Prayer Closet: Make a list of your current prayer needs, and determine how to best pray for them with a HIGHER quality prayer petition, then pray accordingly

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