When God “calls” a person, we may wonder what they mean. How does that play out exactly in real life? I have identified three progressions that God took Jeremiah through when He called him into ministry. Please watch my video:

In order to work through how God may be calling you into ministry, print out my worksheet and begin to work through God’s leading. This should be an eye-opening experience. The great thing about this exercise, is that you will be documenting a legacy of how you entered into ministry that can be helpful to others.

Worksheet – A Biblical Progression of God’s Calling

Please make sure to work through your worksheet!

Your take away here for A Moment of Clarity is to see how God called you into a specific ministry so that you will be continually encouraged and able to defend yourself against the enemy when he tries to dissuade you. You may be able to identify which stage you are in and know that God is finished with you yet.

Your take away for Organizing Your Prayer Closet is begin to ask God to make His way clear to you. If you have never prayed that God use you for His divine purposes, start doing so. Pray that He will help you see His leading for ministry.

What kind of ministry have you been called to, or what kind of ministry do you think He is calling you to? Please respond in my reply box. I would love to hear from you!

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