If you have ever felt that God’s ministry plans for you are too daunting, don’t despair! God equips those He calls. Watch my short video!

I love how God eased Jeremiah into his prophetic ministry. He wanted to make sure that Jeremiah understood His leading, and he did – A+ student!!! I so want to be like that. That is the good thing about Jeremiah’s example of ministry training. We learn from it that God is a patient teacher. All we have to do is learn to watch for and take part in His training and testing for our ministry role. For additional help in this process, please print out my worksheet below:

Ministry Training – Biblical Example

For a Moment of Clarity: Realize that the equipping is not all on you. God is the One with the training program. Wait, watch and participate in what He gives you.

For Organizing Your Prayer Closet: Pray that you will be committed to getting yourself (with God’s help, of course) for ministry. Without the commitment to make the most of opportunities given, we will stay in a place of comfort that only leads to mediocrity.

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