What motivates you to fulfill your life’s purpose? Do you have something that is a symbol or a token of encouragement to you? Watch my video to see how the story about a woman whom I love deeply passed down the most precious thing to me.

Your take-away for a Moment of Clarity is this: Think back to your spiritual heritage. Do you have someone whom you admire that motivates you to do great things? Think back to see if there are any confirmations that you have received about your life’s calling; maybe there is an event or a scripture that speaks to you. Perhaps another person’s words has been a confirmation of what God is doing in your life. Possibly, choose something to have and hold as a reminder of your passion – just like I have a mini-bell to remind me of the calling passed down to me from my grandmother, Minnie Belle.

Your take-away for organizing your prayer closet: Write down any moment of confirmation that God has given you and pray for the strength to continue on in your journey of faith. May your confirmations be like bread crumbs so that when you get to your destination the crumbs will lead you back to the hand of God, and you will forever know that it is God who has placed you in your place of ministry and will keep you.

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