You are here for a divine purpose! Allow me to share with you my journey of discovering God’s purpose in my life.

Here is a neat story. Remember in my video when I said that at the age of 27 (1994), I had a mental picture of me ministering to women? It was to take place in my church’s fellowship hall. But, when I got married and changed churches. I was concerned that because I no longer attended the same church where I envisioned myself ministering to women that I may have missed my opportunity to be in ministery. Well, in 2007 when I taught my first class on Wednesday night, the Lord began to ask me some questions. Really! Of course, He didn’t speak audibly to me, but while I was teaching, I felt him ask me, “What are you doing?” I answered that as I was teaching. He then asked me, “Where are you?” My answer – “I am in the fellowship hall.” It was such a surreal moment. My vision had come to pass! There I was ministering to women in my church in our fellowship hall just like I had originally envisioned it. God is faithful! That was just the begining. I always felt that God was calling me into public ministry, and as of this year, my first book is being published! It took me 19 years for this moment. Looking back, this has been the most exciting journey I have ever been on. If you’re trying to clarify your life’s calling, continue to watch my upcoming video posts; it’s going to be a beautiful journey!

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