I LOVE Abraham’s journey in faith. I LOVE that I can identify with him in that he was not perfect in his Faith & Follow-through to God, but while growing and maturing as a believer in God’s leading, he arrived at a place of unwavering, radical obedience. I LOVE this very real person of Abraham!

I also realized from my case study of Abraham that there are varying types of requests from God. I guess I had always regarded God’s requests as singular in purpose, but they are not. Here are some examples from Abraham’s life:

1. Tactical Requests – Sometimes God directs us to change jobs or move to new areas. God desired that Abraham leave his family and travel to a new land. These are probably the most common requests in that they are very do-able, practical requests.

2. Hopeful Requests – Sometimes God gives us a specific vision that moves and excites us. At an old age, Abraham found out that God was going to make him a daddy! These are my favorite kind – the kind of requests that produce an outcome that we want as much as God does!

3. Sacrificial Requests – Sometimes God gives us a request that requires something painful or sacrificial that challenges us while accomplishing His will. God imparted the Covenant of the Circumcision to Abraham. Despite how bizarre this sounded, Abraham accomplished it that day. These requests are rare, but somehow there is a perception that these are the only kinds of requests that God makes of us, but they are not. Maybe we are asked to give up something (a TV series, overeating) in order to be obedient to God. Can we immediately do it without complaining as Abraham did?

4. Outrageous Requests – Sometimes God gives us an unbelievable command that we can hardly fathom. It is so daunting that we can’t even share it with others. We hold to it quietly and wait to see what God will do. God did such a thing when he tested Abraham to kill his only son, which He provided a ram for in the end. Abraham discussed this with no one, but in radical obedience made his way to the altar. Mary carried the Messiah in her womb and pondered those things in her heart. In those instances we just have to wait and see what God does! We don’t have to make something happen; we just follow God’s leading and let God do His thing!

Abraham handled some of these requests like a pro (as he matured in his faith), and others (at the beginning of his faith walk) not so much! Can you identify??? I’ve left you with a string of videos that feature each of these challenges in depth; you can easily access them by clicking on my Faith and Follow-through Category to the right. In the end, here is what I figured out Abraham’s journey was all about, as it always is in our case as well. It is about TRUST. Do we trust God? We must trust God in order to perfect our Faith & Follow-through. I believe our trust level has a direct effect on how well we submit to God’s will. When our faith is low, we are prone to deviate or lose our faith altogether.

How would you rate your trust level? With 10 being a trust level that is able to follow-through immediately in blind faith without question or complaint no matter how challenging or far-fetched the request seems, and a 1 being a mindset that God must be crazy to even think you could actually accomplish what He has asked of you! When rating yourself, do not choose a 5 so you can tell if you are lacking or not in your trust in God. You may want to recall those time God prompted you to do something and recall how well you responded. Regardless your score make a commitment to pay attention to any and all requests you get from God so that you can better your Faith & Follow-through!

What can you Takeaway for a Moment of Clarity when you need it? Begin to stop and recognize when God is making a request of you. When the thought crosses your mind to carry a meal to a sick friend, don’t discount it with thoughts of “I don’t have the time” or “I don’t know what I would take”. Remember that you find the time to do the things that you want to do, so why not find time to do the things God wants you to do? And with Pinterest, anything is do-able and much more fun! This is how God orchestrates Himself through the body of Christ to minister to others! Join in!!!

What is your Takeaway for your Prayer Closet? I have found that when I record God’s request of me and my response in my Prayer Closet Organizer that it builds my confidence and trust in Him. I can go back and review these beautiful times and easily see how faithful God is, not to mention merciful, awesome and kind. And I can see how God used that request to bless someone else or accomplish His will. How cool is that??? Try this method during your prayer time.

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