Myth buster #2: There are only hypocrites at church

Those who believe this myth are partially correct. There are some “hypocrites” at church, but guess what? They are also at your favorite restaurants, local movie theatres and at the office, too. I can’t imagine anyone deciding not to go to work or to the mall because some “hypocrites” might be there. Truth is all Christians can be labeled as “hypocrites” from time to time. Why? Because even though we have accepted Jesus as our Savior, we are still living in this flesh that trips us up from time to time. We could be having a weak moment, which is witnessed by someone, and in that moment our Christian witness is completely undermined. No one is perfect so we shouldn’t judge a person’s one moment of bad behavior as a sum of who she is, or is not, in Christ. Many “hypocrites” are simply sinners saved by grace! Hallelujah!

My last thought about this is excuse that some give to opt out of church is this: Why would anybody allow a loathsome “hypocrite” to keep them from the Savior of the world??? Let me tell you this: I don’t care how bad people act or how ugly someone may be to me (even at church); NO ONE (and I mean NO ONE) IS GOING TO KEEP ME FROM MY JESUS!!! And I hope you won’t let them either!!!

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