Myth buster #1: “I don’t have to go to church in order to get closer to God.”
Those who believe this are absolutely correct. What they are confused about is the reason why Christians should attend church. The reason to attend church is so that a body of believers can come together which is what the New Testament church did to corporately worship God, to hear the preaching and teaching of God’s Word for the equipping of the saints, and for Christian fellowship in order to fulfill the Great Commission. One of the most important reasons to attend church (I think) is to work together on ministry projects for others. It is during my alone time while reading the Bible and praying that I feel closer to God, but it is at church that I feel more like a servant of Christ. The neat thing about this is is that when we are serving together we actually look more like the church. When we think of attending church on a Sunday morning is about us, we miss the point. Going to church is about being part of THE church where we utilize our spiritual gifts and fulfill our callings so that we can accomplish God’s will in kingdom work! Nowhere else can this be accomplished other than at church.

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