I love the bride of Christ – the church! Which is why in part, I named my ministry with the word “Church” in it. I believe that I am called to be a resource provider of the church. As such, I will dedicate my next few posts to dealing with church-related perceptions and misconceptions that have become popular over time.

I don’t get it when people or Christians are negative toward the church. I understand that some may have been hurt by others in the church, but to take a position of true disdain for the church is a concern to me. Maybe it is because I realize that this growing trend is part of the enemy’s plan to weaken progress in kingdom work. I am going to share some myths that exist out there and are often common responses I get (and you have probably gotten) when talking to someone about attending church.

I think it is important that we are able to speak to these myths in order to help others leave their “shield” of misconceptions about church that hinders them from committing themselves to Christ, which ultimately hinders their desire to commit to the service of His bride – the church. It is the vehicle of the church that God has determined to use to accomplish His will on this earth, whether public opinion agrees or not. It is after the death and resurrection of Christ that God reveals this truth about the church:

“[God’s] intent was that now, through the church, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms” Ephesians 3:10

All throughout the Old Testament, God told people in advance about His plans, except for one – the church. God told Noah about the flood. He told David he would be king. He told the Jews about the Messiah. But not once did He tell anybody about the bride of Christ – the church. This well-kept secret was God’s secret weapon against Satan, which is why the devil longs to destroy it – to destroy us! In order to destroy the church, our enemy wants to destroy each of us, one by one as well as our attitudes about coming together as the church! Why should we let him?

Tune in daily this week, as I post the 5 main excuses people use not to attend church, which is a result of their distrust, hate and fear of the church. Hopefully, these posts will clarify some things for you personally, and will also add to your arsenal of weaponry to use in spiritual combat as you attempt to set captives free! Onward!!!


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