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In my prayer journal I have a section called, “Ambassador Notes” based upon 2 Corinthians 5:20 where I like to list the names of the people I have ministered to in some way so I can continue to pray for them.   This section is not just for witnessing to non-believers, but also to capture those moments when I have encouraged someone in the body of Christ.  The great thing about the body of Christ is that we can encourage one another and even help each other clarify God’s working and presence in each other’s life’s circumstances.  I had a rare opportunity to minister to one of the wonderful women in my life whom I consider a spiritual mentor to me this week.  If you do not have spiritual mentors in your life you need to get some.  Ask God to bring them into your life because they are an absolute necessity (Proverbs 11:14; Titus 2:3-4).

Well, while we were talking on the phone, my mentor, Joyce, was sharing a struggle she had experienced this past week.  She is the president of a wonderful non-profit Christian organization and was in the midst of organizing one of her annual fundraisers when a critical volunteer unexpectedly dropped from the program last minute, leaving Joyce to fill the gap.  She went on to say that another lady had recently told her that next year she will be glad to take over this aspect of the fundraiser, and would have been glad to have done it for her this year had she not already obligated herself to something else.  I want you to re-read my previous sentence and see what God has done for my sweet mentor.  He has not only given Joyce provision for next year’s event, but also a reassuring promise.  This newest volunteer has not only offered her services, but has also indicated that she is trustworthy to follow through with her commitment by simply saying that she, “would have been glad to have done it for her this year had she not already obligated herself to something else.”  Without realizing it, this new volunteer has reassured my mentor of her commitment to follow-through.

My mentor Joyce is a person of excellence, and the principle of honoring commitments is very important to her and her organization’s success.  When she shared this new volunteer’s offer with me, I don’t even think she had realized what God had done until I called her attention to it.  I told my mentor that not only had God made a provision for next year, but He was also letting her know that this was a committed offer of assistance.  My dear sister needed this word of encouragement after the tailspin she had been put in this past week.

Sometimes when we feel weary in our journey, God will slip in a little encouragement so it is important that we either catch it with our spiritual eyes or have a sister that will help us see it.  If I can do anything with this post it would be to encourage my readers to become more spiritually aware of God’s small hints and clues that He leaves for your encouragement.

It is in these moments of clarity that we feel God’s presence.  He cares for us and wants us to know this.  There is not one situation or concern that you may have that God does not care about.

Think over this past week or month, or look for it in the future, and see if God does not drop you some divine moments of His reassuring presence.  God bless!



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